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This page provides tips on how to make your dealer or artist application stand out to us.

The Bare Minimum

Make sure your application is complete

That means:

  • Filling out all required sections on our application form.
  • Submitting the required photos which include:
    • One (1) photo of your booth set up (hand drawn images won’t be accepted).
      • Hint: If you don’t have a photo of your set up, we recommend that you set your booth up up in your home and take a photo of that.
    • Three to five (3-5) high quality photos of your products (max size 2MB per photo).

Any application that is not submitted with all required elements will automatically be rejected.

Read the Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand them

By checking off in the application form that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions document, you are telling us that a) you have read the document and b) actually agree to follow our rules. We have some rules that are different from other events and by applying you are communicating to us that you (or anyone working your booth) will follow our rules on site during the event.

Make sure the website links you send works

This should be self-explanatory, but we often get links that don’t work or are incomplete. Please make sure to submit FULL urls, not just the name of your Facebook page. We won’t look it up.

How to Wow Us

Bring high quality items

We can’t stress this enough: this event is not a garage sale. We’re looking to offer our patrons amazing geeky items at affordable prices, but not at the expense of quality. For our dealers, please leave your garage sale/broken items at home. For our artists, please bring your best handmade items.

Have a kick-ass booth display

Patrons are more likely to come to your booth/engage with you/purchase something if your booth display attracts their attention. We will be assessing your booth set up based on:

  • How attractive it is.
    • Hint: you’ll get bonus points if your booth is trade-show quality.
  • How professional looking it is.
    • Hint: if there’s no table cloth and we can clearly see boxes under your table, that will count against you. In fact that might take you out of the running.
  • How easy it looks to maneuver in/walk around.
    • Hint: the more cramped it looks (if you have a booth that people walk in to) the lower score you’ll get.
  • The quality of the photo you sent.
    • Hint: if it’s blurry, you’ll be scored lower. We want to be able to clearly see your booth set up.

Send us high quality photos

We’ll be using the best photos we get in the application process to advertise which exhibitors will be at our event, and what kinds of awesome products they’ll be selling. Be sure to send us photos of your BEST 3-5 products (i.e. the items that sell the best or have a “wow” factor).

Another benefit is that you’ll be scored higher if your photos are high quality.

Bring something unique to the table

We’ll be awarding higher points to exhibitors who sell items that are different from what our other applicants are selling.  That said, remember that we are a niche event and will ONLY be accepting applications from exhibitors selling items relating to: cosplay, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, steampunk, horror, and anime.

If you’re an artist selling prints or a jeweller, know that we get more applications in these categories than any other, so be sure to show us what makes you stand out from the others in your category.

Hint #1: our upcoming event’s theme is “Old School vs New School” and we’re eager for our exhibitors to really celebrate the theme. Setting up your booth in a way that highlights the theme will definitely get you bonus points.

Be active on social media

While we do put alot of effort in to marketing and advertising our events, we’re always looking to help promote exhibitors who are already active on social media sites like Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.

Bonus points will be awarded to applicants who actively use social media (especially Instagram) effectively to promote their products.

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