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Games, games, and more games!

We’re pleased to be offering our patrons some amazing gaming opportunities at our event! And there’s so much to see and do, that we have 2 rooms full of gaming opportunities at the event this time, that’s right 2 rooms! And for every free game you participate in, you’ll get tokens to purchase cool geeky prizes with. We have thousands of prizes to choose from, so you’ll DEFINITELY want to play games when you visit our event.

Arcade Games 

It’s time to get a bit retro! Our friends at House of Targ will be providing some pay-to-play old school arcades in Rink 3. Who doesn’t love a good video arcade?

Board Gaming Convention 

Our friends at Meeples to Go are running a mini-board gaming convention at our event! Not only will there be a board gaming library, there will be  tournaments and demos too…and prizing, lots and lots of prizing. For more details, check out our Board Gaming Convention page.

Carnival Games

To help celebrate our ‘Team Spirit’ theme, we’re running 18 geeky carnival games at the event! These games are inspired by famous teams from geek history, and are a lot of fun to play! The more of these games you play, the more prizes you could win, so be sure to play them all!

Geek Quest (Scavenger Hunt)

The Geek Quest (scavenger hunt-style activity) is back and better than ever, with 3 awesome new scavenger hunts to check out! Join us this March to play Canada’s largest (indoor) annual scavenger hunt. Everyone who plays gets at least one prize for participating. Be sure to visit our Geek Quest page for all the details.

Video Games

The 8-bit Bazaar will be hosting a video gaming are at the back of the Curling Rink! Not only will they have an open gaming area (with all sorts of consoles from across geek history), they’ll also be hosting a Smash Bros. tournament on the Nintendo Switch on Saturday afternoon. More info to come!

Virtual Reality Video Games

The fine folks from ColonyVR are back with new super cool virtual reality games. You’ll want to stop by their booth for sure.

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