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Contests and prizes

We’re running all sorts of cool contests at the event and have some amazing prizes for you to win too! See below for all the details!

Golden Ticket Prizes x 3

Want to win some super cool prizes just for coming to the event?! Then you’re definitely going to want to head to the back of the Richmond Ballroom (which is upstairs from the main event) and fill out a ballot for a chance to win any of the prize baskets shown below (worth over $1,000) AND tickets to the Geek Market for life! 

We’re made sure to have items from all your favourite fandoms including: Star Wars, Jurassic World, Stranger Things, Deadpool, It, Supernatural, Rick and Morty, Riverdale, Overwatch, the Avengers, Harry Potter, Black Panther, Pokemon, Naruto, Studio Ghibli, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Bendy & the Ink Machine, the Flash, Nightmare Before Christmas, World War Z, Batman, Sailor Moon, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and so many more!

Geek Quest Prize Redemption Booth

You’re really going to want to participate in our Geek Quest (scavenger hunt) this year because you’ll get to choose from THOUSANDS of prizes. Be sure to start your adventure at the Geek Market at the Geek Quest booth (at the back of the Curling Rink), it’s free to participate once you’ve paid your admission!

The photo on the left shows only a small selection of what we have available.  And what’s even better? All the items at the booth are also for sale! 🙂 


Board Gaming Convention

Board gamers! Our friends at Meeples to Go are running a board gaming convention in the Richmond Ballroom during our event, and man do they have some cool games in store for you! They’ll be offering a free board gaming library, free demos, and free tournaments (see below for more information). Access to the convention is free with your Ottawa Geek Market ticket, and there will be tons of prizes to be won including games and tokens for the Geek Quest prize redemption booth. 


Workmanship Costume Contest

Cosplayers get your costumes ready cause we’re running a costume contest on Friday September 28th and Saturday September 29th at the back of the Curling Rink and there are all sorts of cool prizes you could win!

At this competition contestants will be evaluated on the craftsmanship of their costumes without needing to go on stage. Contestants will participate in a scheduled 5 minute interview with our contest judges and then have a free professional  photograph taken. For all the details, visit our Costume Contest page.


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