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Geek QUest (Scavenger hunt)

Get your geek quest on!

What exactly is the Geek Quest? It’s a mix between a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, and geocaching.

How does it work? Basically you’ll need to go around to various areas and booths at the event and complete mini quests at each location (e.g. answer a trivia question, solve a puzzle, play a board game, take a photo with our 13 foot Spidey, etc.), but you won’t know which location to go to next until completing each task (just like in a treasure hunt). 

The Geek Quest starts at the photo booth inside Rink 3. 


There is no cost to participate!

There is absolutely no additional cost to participate this year. That’s right, once you’ve paid for your admission to get in to the event, this activity is completely free to play! And everyone who completes the quest gets a free prize!

Prizes, prizes, and more prizes!

Everyone who completes the Geek Quest will win either Ottawa Geek Market merchandise or fun little geeky trinkets like erasers, mini rubics cubes, or stickers! 

To collect your prize, simply complete the quest (you’ll know when it’s done) and come to the Geek Market merch booth in the Curling Rink (it’ll be in the same location as the prize redemption booth last year). 


Can kids play too?

Absolutely! We have a special Geek Quest suitable for children. Tasks are purposely designed so that kids can take part and have a blast! And of course, you’ll be there to help them along if they get stumped at any point!


A few things to keep in mind

If you’re interested in participating:

  • Make sure to bring a phone or digital camera!
  • The Geek Quest will see you adventuring between both of our rooms and will take an hour or two to complete (it’s shorter for the kids version).
  • If you require any medical accommodations along the way to play, please go back to either the first stop or our merch booth and our staff  will help you out.
  • Come with an open mind and thirst for adventure!

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