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Geek QUest (Scavenger hunt)

3 Geeky Scavenger Hunts!

How would you like to participate in Canada’s largest (indoor) annual scavenger hunt and win all sorts of cool prizes at the same time? Then you’ll definitely want to participate in one (or more!) of our three Geek Quests this March.

The Geek Quests are part-scavenger hunt, part-challenge, and all fun. And the best part? There’s a prize for everyone who plays—and we’ll have thousands to choose from!

You can play at your own pace, start at any time, play as an individual, or play as a team.

Only $5 per scavenger hunt!

If you’re playing alone it’ll cost $5 per quest. If you’re playing as a group, your team can participate for $5 per quest, OR you can each get your own tracking sheet for $5 per person, do the activities together, and collect even more points towards your favourite items!  

For each item you check off your Geek Quest lists, you’ll rack up points that you can use to redeem on-site for some fantastic geeky prizes!

Kids 12 and under play for free with a paying adult. 

Over $25,000 in prizes to be won!

We’ll have THOUSANDS of prizes to choose from this year, and everyone who participates in a Geek Quest will leave with at least one prize.

How will this work? You’ll get points for each activity that you successfully complete. Once you’ve completed your Quest, bring your list of quest activities back to the Geek Quest booth. The Geek Quest officers will then tally your list and hand you a voucher with your final prize amount.

You get to trade in that prize amount for various items at our prize redemption booth (located at the front of the Curling Rink). If you see an item you’d like, but don’t have enough points, that’s no problem…you can pay up to 50% of the difference in cash.

For more details, please visit our Prize Redemption Booth page.

About the 3 scavenger hunts

This year we’re offering 3 different Geek Quests. 

Quest #1 – Photo Scavenger Hunt (you’ll need to take LOTS of photos)

Quest #2 – #SquadGoals (a celebration of geeky team spirit and fun)

Quest #3 – A Mystery Inc. Mystery (help Scooby Do and the gang solve a mystery!)

What kind of activities can you expect to complete on our scavenger hunts? Here are a few hints: complete a puzzle, solve a riddle, answer a trivia question, play a carnival game,  play with LEGO, sit down and colour, take a photo with our 13 foot Spiderman, and so much more!

Can kids play too?

Absolutely! All of the Geek Quests are suitable for children, and tasks are purposely designed so that kids can take part and have a blast! And of course, you’ll be there to help them along if they get stumped at any point—this year’s theme is team spirit, after all!

We suggest the #SquadGoals quest to start—kids will love the games and colouring tasks!

A few things to keep in mind

If you’re interested in participating:

  • Make sure to bring a phone or digital camera!
  • Scope out the Prize Redemption booth to get motivated before starting your Geek Quest!
  • Come with an open mind and thirst for adventure!

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