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We’ve got more than just shopping to keep you busy and in geeky bliss at the Ottawa Geek Market! To help celebrate  all things sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, comics, costumes, anime, steampunk, and horror, we offer a wide range of activities at our event that are fun for everyone. Our attractions include gaming, cosplay, shopping, food, community groups, tons of activities for kids, and so much more. We’ll post more information about each attraction closer to the event.

Join us in March 2020 to shop and play! 

Geek Quest Scavenger Hunt

Canada’s largest indoor scavenger hunt

This year’s Geek Quest (scavenger hunt-style activity) is completely free and will celebrate old school and new school geekery! Everyone who plays gets at least one prize for participating. Be sure to visit our Geek Quest page for all the details.

Carnival Games

To help celebrate our ‘Team Spirit’ theme, we’re running 18 geeky carnival games at the event! These games are inspired by famous teams from geek history, and are a lot of fun to play! The more of these games you play, the more prizes you could win, so be sure to play them all!

$25,000 in Prizes to be Won!

We have over $25,000 in prizes available to be won at our prize redemption booth. How can you win some of these prizes? Play any number of our cool activities, win tokens, and use them to “buy” prizes! For more details, visit our prize redemption booth page.

‘Old School’ vs ‘New School’- Themed Activities

This year our event will be celebrating the fandoms that came out before 2000 (ie. retro/old school)  and comparing them to newer fandoms that came out from 2000 onwards (i.e modern/new school). Join us as we host fun themed activities, contests, and Facebook “battles”. For more information, visit our Old School vs New School webpage.

Meetup Area

Adults! Are you looking to make new friends? We can help! We’re introducing a new meetup area at our event where adults can sit down and meet some geeks who share their same interests. Think of it as our version of a buddy bench. For more information, visit our Meetup Area webpage.

Board Gaming Convention 

Our friends at Meeples to Go are running a mini-board gaming convention at our event! Not only will there be a board gaming library, there will be  tournaments and demos too…and prizing, lots and lots of prizing. For more details, check out our Board Gaming Convention page.

Video Gaming

We have three great video gaming opportunities this year including:

  • An open video gaming area (with a Smash Bros. tournament on Saturday)
  • Old school arcade games
  • Virtual reality games

For more information visit our Video Gaming page.

Facebook Battles

We’ll be running weekly epic battles between some of the best old school fandoms and some of the best new school fandoms on our Facebook page. The final vote will be taking place on site at our event this March so be sure to come and help pick the ultimate winner!

Costumes & Cosplay

About 1/3rd of our patrons come in costume, and you’ll see some of the best costumes out there! 

If you’re an avid cosplayer and are looking to compete in a costume contest, be sure to participate in our workmanship competition.

For more details on all things costume-related, please visit our Cosplay/Costuming page.

Kids Activities

The weekend will be host to many activities for children of all age groups and fandoms including:

  • Face painting
  • Colouring area
  • Costume contest
  • LEGO play area and display

For more details visit our Kids Activities webpage.

LEGO Play Area & Display

We’re hosting our biggest LEGO display and play area ever! With over 1,400 square feet of LEGO, you’ll be in LEGO heaven. Be sure to check out the massive area in Rink 3.

Geeky Food Court

When it’s time to fuel up be sure to stop by our food court in the Curling Rink and enjoy some geek-themed noms including  hot soups, tea, and geeky-themed baking.


Our event is famous for it’s amazing geeky shopping. With a focus on local artists and vendors, you’re sure to find that perfect item. For more information visit our What Can I Buy page and our Exhibitors page (that provides a list of all the exhibitors joining us this year).

Community Groups

Come hang out with some of Ottawa’s best fan groups including: Doctor Who Society of Canada – Ottawa ChapterIKV PhoenixLadies Who Trek, and Parlugment (who host the giant LEGO display). 

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