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Doctor Who Society of Canada

Here’s some information about our friends at the Doctor Who Society of Canada.

Tell us a bit about your community group
The Doctor Who Society of Canada (DWSC) is a social network for Canadian Whovians, where everyone is welcome and can enjoy meeting fellow Doctor Who fans, as well as, among other things, discuss the finer points of the program that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Doctor Who has excited the imagination of children and adults alike for over 50 years. While The Doctor may fight villains across time and space, he always finds his way back to Earth to help humanity – to save us.

DWSC – Ottawa Chapter is honoured to be able to work with the generosity of Whovians in the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario in supporting the Neo-Natal Intensive Care (NICU) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). With your support, we have raised over $16,000 since 2013 for much needed equipment and supplies for the tiny humans in the NICU.

Every dollar you donate helps to change the life of a young companion for the better!

Tell us something fun about your group
In addition to screening episodes at our Meet-Ups, we have also played Who board games; got in touch with Van Gogh at our Starry Night themed painting class; and also dabbled with Perler bead crafts! Some of our other past outings have included: The Haunted Walks of Ottawa; Capital Cruises; Escape Manor, and more!

What are you waiting for? Run with The Doctor and join us today!

How can people join or learn more about you? 
When we are not at conventions. the Ottawa Chapter holds monthly meet-ups at the Royal Oak Centrepointe where we have screenings of Classic and New Who episodes; and other various Whovian activities. Cosplay is actively encouraged and everyone is welcome.

The Doctor Who Society of Canada is a not-for-profit organization, run entirely by unpaid volunteers. Membership in the DWSC is not mandatory but our events cannot take place without your support!

Annual Adult & Youth Memberships are available at conventions that the DWSC attends, as well as at the Ottawa Chapter Monthly Meet-Ups.

There are currently two levels of membership in the DWSC:


Membership is extended to individuals 13-18 years of age for a donation of $10. Junior members may only attend age-appropriate social events and can be upgraded to an Adult Membership on your 19th birthday with proof of age.


Membership is extended to individuals 19 years of age or over for a donation of $20. Adult members with children are welcome to bring their children to age-appropriate events.

For more information on the Ottawa Chapter, be sure to check us out on Facebook. To learn more about the Doctor Who Society of Canada, allons-y over to

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