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floor plan

We’ll be posting our official floor plan about 2 weeks before the event.

Be sure to visit both the Curling Rink AND Rink 3 during your visit. We had so many amazing exhibitors and activities that we needed two rooms this time!

Note: while some exhibitors accept credit cards, most only accept cash. There are multiple ATMs on site should need to take money out, so don’t worry you’re covered. 🙂


With more exhibitors than ever, we’re sure you’ll find all sorts of amazing treasures at our event this year. 🙂

Exhibitor NameBooth Number    
8-Bit Bazaar128
9five7 Pyrography605
A-Designs Ornament Co.212
A Dragon's Tale201, 203
A Good Idea Publications603
Age of Transformers502
Arcane Angel514
Archery Games716
Art of Ashley Merrill902
Art of Keith Busher: Precious Mutations816
Art of Milee1005
Audin Roy Boutique302
Bearded Vulture Creations308
BLue Nebula Works1013
Brainy Bird Creations1011
Calico Expressions1020
Capener Creations125
Carta Magica Ottawa504, 506
Cerulean Skies1012
Chez Rhox Inc.608, 609, 610, 611
Chop Shop Goods413, 415, 417
Chubby Star Shoppe808
Colony VR122
Creations GDC1015
Creations Lilipop408
Custom Game Bits915
Cybourg Productions910
Da Pop-Up shop503, 717, 718
Dana's Stitch N Sundries1003
Darkage Comics313, 314
Dazzling Costumes104, 105, 106
Desdemona's 720
District Damsel206
Doctor Who Society of Canada129
Eternian Giftware801
Fandom Forged914
Festival Geek Guy300
Fire and Steel708
Float or Fly111
Fluffy's Art507
Gadget Phil311
Geek & Co.1016, 1017
Geek Girl on Wheels110
Geek Kingdom513, 515, 517
Geek Quest702
Geek + Tea126
Glitch Artwork719
gr8collectables123, 124
Harry Potter Sorting Hat700
Hot Sauce Bread Studios210
hot13 illustrations1008
Hunt Jewelz501
Ifs, Ands, or Buttons1006
IKV Phoenix316
In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy301
Inferno Cat Toys317
Interlude Artistry805
J&E Comics307
JenEric Designs606
Jeux AZ Games916, 917
Juppaman Art810
KahBoom Komics401, 403, 405
Katoo l'Artiste - Tea with Dragons507
Kitamon Plush601
Kobold's Corner400, 402, 404
Krista Walsh802
Lake Studio913
Lantern Light912
Le gars des verres900
Lea Matte Illustration911
Learn Creations208
Lizlee Illustration1000
Lollipop Lollipop508, 510, 512
Mahogany Severia (Sunday only)101
McCormick Wands309
Midnight Reading Publishing416
Nabema Collectibles102, 103
Natsumi's Workshop312
Nikki Illustration1000
Nineth Skye1002
Nomad Posters117
Nomnivore Games Inc.306
Ottawa Geek Market Bazaar112, 113
Ottawa Geek Market Merchandise114
Ottawa Geek Market Photo Booth701
Ottawa Pops Orchestra1001
Outbound Ronin722, 723
Paint me Playful1014
Pat's Fashions DBA Pops & Collectibles118, 119, 120, 121
Patricia K. McCarthy Ottawa's Fang Queen814
Popsquatch Designs303, 305
Pythor Comics707
Renaissance Press607
Rice Paper Designs204
Rielle Designs600
Samianne Art901
Sassy Threads909
Sequential Magazine ft. Erik Bitmanis908
Shameless Envy209
Shawn Matthew Games115, 116
Smudge Lord509
Space Wizards412
Sparkle Collective1019
Squiresword Standees612, 613
Stark-Rogers Initiative505
Sweet Ingenuity800
Sweet Loots205
Tetsuki Art1004
the Black Lory903
The Candle Lamp Shop211
The colour polka dot 811
The Gal Pals604
The Intergalactic Meat Company818, 819, 820, 821
The Littlest Gift Boutique414
The Ottawa Toy Hunter406, 407
The Outer Reaches411
The Professor / Knits by Mouse315
The Silver Dragon409
Thor's Trinkets511
TND Video Games710
Toy Reeboot200, 202
Toys and hobbies cubic store516
Toys On Fire703, 704, 705
Trinkets and Tronkets817
Trode Publications809
Tyderium toys712, 713, 714
V Design518
Victoria Putinski602
Who's inspired1009
Wizard craft academy1007
Xtreme Paraphilia107, 108, 109
Yanimator Art & Nayuki Draws806
Yarkspiri Fantasy Art410


Please visit our Previous Exhibitors page to see a full listing of all the exhibitors we’ve hosted since 2012.

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