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 we’re going green

Mother Earth Needs Our Help

Let’s be honest, we’re experiencing a climate crisis. It’s no longer a sci-fi pre-apocalyspse scenario either.  To do our part we’re taking steps to change the way we run the event that’s much kinder to mother earth.

Below you’ll find lists of all the things we’re committed to doing this year as well as tips on what YOU can do to be an eco steward at our event.

Steps you can take

There are all sorts of steps that you can take to be eco conscious at our event.

  • Volunteer to be a part of our eco team at the event.
  • Bring your own shopping bags or buy a fun geeky tote bag from one of the many exhibitors offering them.
  • Don’t print your e-ticket! Just show it to us on your phone when you arrive.
  • Participate in our free scavenger hunt and get a free Geek Market tote bag (while supplies last).
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up at the water fountain near the washrooms or in the back of Rink 3.
  • Carpool or take public transit to the event.
  • Donate items to our upcoming community waste-reduction and upcycling event with Ottawa Upcycling and Waste Diversion (see below)
  • Build your costume using upcycled, recycled, or eco-friendly materials.


steps we’re taking

Creating a brand new eco initiative

This past fall we launched a brand new eco initiative called Ottawa Upcycling and Waste Diversion (OUWD) and ran a very successful freecycle event called the Great Stittsville Swap. Here’s what’s next for the new initiative.

  • This year, the Geek Market will be raising funds for OUWD. $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to the initiative.
  • We’ll be collecting donations of arts & craft supplies and pop culture items during the Geek Market event. More on this to come!
  • We’ll be running a big garage sale in the spring to fundraise for the opening of a brand new arts & crafts thrift store in Ottawa’s west end. 

Reducing the use of paper and plastic 

  • No longer giving out paper floor plans. Instead we’ll have giant floor plans throughout the event. The floor plan will also be available online. 
  • No longer handing out “giveaway bags” or flyers. Note: We had already printed our flyers to advertise our March event before we decided to go green, so you will see those in stores around the city leading up to the event.
  • Running a paper-free scavenger hunt. If you are given any paper for this activity it will be left over from previous years.
  • Printing less internal administrative forms or documents.
  • No longer giving exhibitors printed welcome packages.

Reusing items we already have

  • We’ll be repurposing decorations from past events and turning them in to photo op areas and fun little tasks for the scavenger hunt. 
  • Reusing posters and signs from previous events in fun and creative ways.

Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Reducing the number of in-person staff and sponsor meetings. 
  • Giving away old event signs. Almost all of our signs over the years have been printed on a material called coroplast.  Coroplast can be reused or upcycled for arts & crafts and cosplay projects, so we’ll have a bunch of old signs at the event available for anyone to grab for free.
  • Carpooling/taking public transit to meetings or to the event. Staff, volunteers, and patrons will be encouraged to carpool or take public transit as much as possible. 

Reducing waste

  • Introducing a new “eco team” to help patrons and volunteers recycle and compost on site as much as possible.
  • Setting up garbage/recycling/composting sorting stations so patrons have an easy way to properly dispose of their items.
  • Giving a free Geek Market tote bag to everyone who participates in the free scavenger hunt (while supplies last).
  • Having metal water bottles for sale at various booths throughout the event to encourage use of the water fountains.
  • No longer offering plastic water bottles to staff or volunteers.
  • Encouraging the onsite food service provider to reduce their use of packaging.
  • Encouraging all our vendors to reduce the amount of waste and packaging they produce (and giving them tips and tricks on how to do so).
  • Choosing suppliers and partners who prioritize ecological sustainability, and avoiding companies who are notorious polluters whenever possible.
  • Purchasing food products that have less packaging for staff and volunteers.
  • No longer running the carnival games since these activities produced excess waste.
  • Not printing/creating any new Geek Market-branded merchandise to avoid excess consumer products.

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