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Special Sci-fi and Fantasy activities

The battle between sci-fi and fantasy will be coming to a head at the event, and we need you to pick a side by participating in our special ‘Sci-fi vs Fantasy’ themed activities!

Step 1: Swear your allegiance

Before participating in our activities (aka participating in the battles), you’ll need to pick which side you’ll swear your allegiance to. Will it be Team Sci-fi or Team Fantasy? No matter which side you choose, the more activities you participate in, the more you’ll be rewarded with the glorious spoils of war (a.k.a. cool geeky merch).

Step 2: Fight to the death (okay maybe not to the death, but the line sounded cool).

Each warrior (i.e YOU) is invited to heed the call of their team and battle it out with a warrior from the “other” (ewww gross) team.

On top of the magnificent activities below, you’ll also have a chance to show your team pride in a whole slew of other activities that you can learn about on our Sci-fi vs Fantasy web page:

Welcome to Hogwarts

Team Fantasy, you’ve just been accepted to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! You are summoned to participate in the yearly sorting ceremony and discover which house you’ll be assigned to. Will it be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Come and find out!

A special prize awaits the first 80 patrons who come to the event in Harry Potter-themed attire and get sorted at our booth!

For those of you on Team Sci-fi, don’t worry you can participate in this activity too – but be aware that once you’re sorted in to your house it may shake your confidence in which team you’ve sworn your allegiance to.

Starlord Target Practice

Team Sci-Fi, think you got what it takes to become one the the Guardians of the Galaxy? Come and try out our Starlord shooting gallery and help obliterate those pesky villains!

Team Fantasy – you can participate in this activity and shoot villains too. Just know that Starlord is known for being a bit snarky and if he happens to be in the booth at the time, he may challenge you to an epic dance off!

Star Wars Rebellion

Join the Rebellion and help the Jedi knights disable an AT-AT. Fair warning though, you may get called “rebel scum” by those on the dark side!

This activity is open to both Team Sci-fi and Team Fantasy participants – Star Wars IS kind of both sci-fi and fantasy, right? 😉

Help Frodo Destroy the One Ring

Team Fantasy you’re destiny is calling…Frodo needs your help on his quest to destroy the one ring in the fiery chasm of Mount Doom. Okay since we can’t transport you to Middle Earth in time, how about you play our ring toss instead?

Team Sci-fi you can only play if you swear allegiance to the Fellowship of the Ring. Cool? 😉

The Final Battle

The battle culminates at our final booth where Team Sci-fi and Team Fantasy will face off and battle it out in a grueling game of… Plinko. You read that right…Plinko! We’ve built a geeky Plinko board and will be keeping tally of each game’s score to determine which team will be crowned the official victors of the event (and be awarded bragging rights, of course).

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