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2020 theme: Old school vs new school

What’s this theme all about?

Online media has changed how geeks consume their favorite fandoms.  Streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon drop whole seasons at once, Disney now owns Marvel, there are memes of everything, and online/mobile gaming is more popular than ever… it’s 24/7 geeky content and we love it. But is newer better?

We’re calling this year’s theme ‘Old School vs New School’ but you might prefer the terms ‘retro vs modern’ or ‘old vs current’.  To keep things simple, we’re defining the ‘Old School’ timeline as anything BEFORE 2000, and ‘New School’ as anything from 2000 onwards.  

Who was the better Kirk? Who was the best Sith? Or the best Joker? Everyone has a favorite hero from an era, and we can’t wait to hear your opinions. This year’s edition of the Geek Market will be our biggest yet and we encourage you to to come in costume and represent your favorite character from your favorite era. 

How about some examples!

When thinking about our theme, we recommend comparing like-with-like as much as possible.

    • The original Star Trek tv show in the 60s vs Star Trek Discovery
    • The Atari vs Play Station 4
    • The Lord of the Rings (the original books) vs Peter Jackson’s movies
    • Aquaman’s costume in the original comics vs his costume in the recent movies
    • Monopoly vs Cards Against Humanity

Old School vs New School-themed Activities

To help celebrate this year’s theme, we’re offering some fun activities at the event. 

  • Participate in our FREE scavenger hunt and win a prize.
  • Compete in our  costume contest where we’re hosting special ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ categories.
  • Check out the cool LEGO display and enjoy some of the best sets from the past!
  • Play modern and retro board games and video games.
  • Help us pick the ultimate fandom by voting in the final battle (see the Facebook battles below for more info).

Retro and Modern Merch!

Our exhibitors are joining in on the fun this winter and will have all sorts of amazing items that celebrate some of the best geeky merch from the past and current fandoms. 

And to help make sure you have lots to choose from, we’re welcoming over 140 exhibitors this year, including some amazing NEW exhibitors (if you like the ‘woman yelling at cat’ meme or Baby Yoda we’ve got you covered). That’s more than exhibitors than ever before!

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