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Our 2013 Game Summit Exhibitors

We are proud to have the following exhibitors (listed alphabetically) at our Game Summit 2013 Geek Marketplace event on February 2-3, 2013:

Floor plan

Marketplace I (Our Sponsors)

Exhibitor Merchandise Booth #
Boutique FDB games, miniatures 121-122
Comic Book Shoppe games, anime, comics, toys 109-113
Crossed Swords games, miniatures 102
Filosofia & Z-Man games 116, 123
Fun Games Cafe games, accessories 115
Games For All games, accessories 104-106
Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s & Lost Marbles games, toys 108-109
Multizone games 119-120
The Blue Gryphon used games 117-118
Toys on Fire games, anime, toys 100-101

Marketplace II

Exhibitor Merchandise Booth #
Adam Tupper art 402
Art By Choleena art 442-443
Big Hero Action Figures action figures 437-438
Creative Clothing by Roxane costumes 446-447
Decypher clothing, accessories 403-403a
Fantasy Trading Cards & Stuff trading cards, collectibles 422-423
Geek Charming clothing, accessories 435
Geek Etc jewellery, toys 416-417
Jaded Raven Creations jewellery, accessories 431
K Loo Custom Creations toys 430
Kingsley Armoury armour and weapons 407
Les Creations Elsa clothing, accessories 448
Librairie du Centre French manga 408-409
Mia Muscroft accessories, jewellery 426
Mirror Comics comic books 400
Myths, Legends and Heroes comic books, toys, graphic novels 412, 420-421
Nexcidia action figures, comics 415
Ottawa Horror clothing, accessories 405
Pixel Mass Ration art 439
Rhox Buttons buttons, jewellery 432
Rich Lauzon posters, books 428
Rob’s Comics comic books 444-445
Robot Punch Apparel clothing 436
Scott Barker books 406
Shameless Fashion jewellery, accessories 440-441
Shawn Matthew Toys video games, action figures 410-411
Silver Lotus accessories 402
Sparx and Mace gothic clothing, wigs and shoes 427
Spincycle art, anime 433
Staja Artist Collective buttons, prints 414
Steampixie masks, accessories 418-419
Stellar Forms jewellery 401
Stone Cold Creations jewellery 434
Topsy Books books 429
Veronique Thibault buttons, bookmarks 424-425
Victoria Dunn books, toys 413 clothing, accessories 404-405


Exhibitor Type Booth #
CanCon Event 205
CanGames Event 215
Capital City Garrison, 501st Legion Club 216-217
Funatorium Explorium Event 208
G-Anime / Chibi G-Anime Event 206
IKV Phoenix Star Trek Items & Club 209-210
On Scene FX Make-up/Prosthetics 211
Ottawa Browncoats Club 201
Ottawa Geek Market Event 202
Ottawa-Gatineau Gaming Community Clubs & Events 203
Steampunk Canada Steampunk Club 200
The Meeple’s Republic Event 213
Toy & Game Expo Event 207
Wonder Geeks Activate! Event 204

Game Designers

Exhibitor Type Booth #
Boîte de jeux Game Designer 302
Crooked Thumb Games Game Designer 301
Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG Game Designer 303
Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok Game Designer 304
Game Artisans of Canada Game Designers 306
It Happened Games Game Designer 300
Ottawa Tabletop Game Designers Game Designers 305
UniForge Games Game Publisher 307

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