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  Geek Choice Awards

Help us pick the best of the best!

Have you ever watched an awards show and thought “ugh, they picked the wrong winner”. Well here’s your chance to have your voice heard. Welcome to the Geek Choice Awards! 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be asking you to vote in a variety of geeky polls to help us create the ultimate list of the best geeky fandoms of all time. You can see the full list of categories below.

How to vote: We’ll be posting new categories to vote on regularly over on our Facebook page so be sure to follow our page to get notifications for when they happen. The best part is that by participating you’ll be entering for a chance to win all sorts of prizes like free tickets, Geek Market gift cards, and more! 

The winners will be announced at the event on March 27-29th.

How nominees were chosen: To get the process started, we chose the top fandoms in each category by scouring the web and doing all sorts of research (including reviewing past Facebook battle posts and how you folks voted on them) as well as polling our staff, volunteers, and exhibitors.

Geek Choice Awards Categories

For the purpose of our awards, each category’s nominations are based exclusively on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and anime fandoms.

Best TV Show 

Best Live Action TV show

Best Animated TV show

Best Male TV Character
Best Female TV Character

Best Movie 

Best Live Action Movie

Best Animated Movie

Best Male Character in a Movie
Best Female Character in a Movie

Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga

Best Series
Best Adaptation to a Movie
Best Male Character
Best Female Character


Best Novel (or Series)
Best Author of a Novel (or Series)
Best Adaptation from a Novel to a Movie
Best Novelization (i.e. a novel inspired/based on a movie, TV show, or game)

Table Top Gaming

Best Strategy Game
Best Cooperative Game

Video Gaming

Best Retro Video Game
Best Modern Video Game

Just For Fun 

Funniest Character of All Time

Best Wizard of All Time

Best Movie/Game Original Score
Best Space Battle

Best Character to Cosplay

Votes for this special category will take place on our Instagram page

Geek Choice Awards – Voting Completed

Best Hero of All Time
Best Villain of All Time

Best Geeky Team of All Time

Best Sci-Fi of All Time
Best Fantasy of All Time

Votes for these categories have already taken place


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