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Sci-fi vs Fantasy

Sci-fi and Fantasy-themed Activities

Epic battles

We’ve been running some pretty epic battles between sci-fi and fantasy fandoms on our Facebook page, and the grand finals will be taking place at our event this coming weekend. That’s right, you’ll get to vote between one sci-fi fandom (either Doctor Who or Firefly) and one fantasy fandom (either Harry Potter or Discworld) to determine who will be the ultimate winner!

To see the full bracket and to learn how to vote at the event, visit our Sci-fi vs Fantasy Battles page.

Activities at the event
Here’s just a taste of what we have in store for you…and it’ll all be themed to sci-fi and fantasy:
  • Special activities booths (where you’ll get to test out your sci-fi and fantasy skills)
  • Geek-themed food, that’s right, food! (More on this to come)
  • Geek Quest (scavenger hunt)
  • Escape room
  • Craft area
  • Local community groups who’ll be providing their own activitie
  • Limited edition colouring book
  • Green screen photo booth brought to you by Belaire Photography
  • Virtual reality games brought to you by Colony VR
  • Special prizes at our costume contest
  • Gorgeous limited edition t-shirt (see below for more details)

All about the theme

Admit it – You’re super passionate about your favourite fandom and you’ve probably participated in your fair share of debates over which fandom is better. We certainly have!

This got us thinking… what if we embraced the rivalries between fandoms and had some fun with it? We’ve decided to dream bigger than Star Wars vs Star Trek and tackle one of the biggest rivalries out there…

We’re excited to present “Ottawa Geek Market IX: Sci-fi vs Fantasy”.

That’s right, this fall we’re celebrating the best of sci-fi and fantasy with all sorts of themed activities, prizes, shopping, and maybe even a surprise or two! Which side will you be on?

Not a fan of either genres? No problem! We’ll still have plenty of amazing shopping for other geeky fandoms too.

New This Event – Sci-Fi Vs Fantasy T-Shirt
Ottawa Geek Market - T-Shirt Contest Image

Featuring the art of Samianne Art, you can take home your very own Ottawa Geek Market Fall 2017: Sci-Fi Vs Fantasy T-Shirt! You can purchase them at the event with all profits being donated to our receiving charity, the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

This incredible art was selected through a contest open to all artists, click here for more details and to see our 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners!

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Sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win VIP passes to the event!

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