What’s this battle all about?

To help celebrate our ‘Sci-fi vs Fantasy’ theme, we thought it would be fun to see which fandoms were most loved by our fans. To do this, we asked our Facebook fans what their favourite sci-fi and fantasy fandoms were, then we picked the top 8 per category and pit them against each other in battles on our Facebook page.

Voting in the grand finals

As you can see on our battle board below, we’re now down to our Divisional Finals. Will Doctor Who beat out Firefly? Will Discworld prevail over Harry Potter? No matter who makes it to our Grand Finals, the final vote will be taking place AT our event this coming weekend. To vote, go to our merchandise booth (beside our main admissions), fill out a quick survey, and then cast your vote! Everyone who votes will also get a chance to win an amazing basket of themed prizes!


Have You Got Your Tickets Yet? You Can Only Cast Your Vote In the Final Showdown In Person!

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Showdown Schedule


1 Battle each day – alternating between Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Starting Monday, August 28th
Ending Monday, September 4th


Starting Monday, September 11th

Ending Thursday, September 14th

Divisional Finals

Fantasy – Monday September 25th

Sci-Fi – Tuesday September 26th

Grand Finale

Final Votes can only be cast in person at our Ottawa Geek Market event on Saturday, September 30th and Sunday, October 1st!

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