Here’s some information about our friends at the IKV Phoenix.

Tell us a bit about your community group
The IKV Phoenix is an Ottawa-based Star Trek fan club. We are a member club of the Klingon Armada International (K.A.I.).

We are a multi-faceted group of Star Trek fans who get together for fun, cosplay and community service. Our ship consists primarily of fans who adopt Klingon names and appearance but we also count among our crew several fans that represent other species from the Star Trek universe – Vulcans, Romulans, Humans and more! We offer resources and assistance on costuming, make-up, and accessories to help all of our warriors look their best.

Tell us something fun about your group
Every year we get together for a potluck of Star Trek-themed dishes, called the Feast of Kahless, to honour our members’ contributions.

How can people join or learn more about you? 

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  • Twitter @ikvphoenix
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