Our famous Geek Quest (scavenger hunt) is back and better than ever, and we’ve got four new quests to keep you busy during the event!

What’s the Geek Quest?

The Geek Quest is an activity-based interactive scavenger hunt. The goal of the Geek Quest is for participants to complete all of the mini-quests assigned to them.  Some of these quests will involve solving clues, others will involve completing specific tasks, and others, well they’re top secret and won’t be revealed until the weekend of the event! There will be prizes to be won, adventures to be had, and lots of fun in the process.

What are the different categories of quests?

In honour of some of the community fan groups that we’re supporting as part of our charitable giving, we thought it’d be fun to have quests themed specifically for fans of:

  • Doctor Who
  • LEGO (and general geekery)
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars

What does it cost to participate?
There is absolutely no cost associated to participate in the hunt, other than your time. Any patron can participate once they’ve paid admission in to the event.

Is there an age limit for any of the quests?
We encourage patrons to pick the theme that most interests them. There is no age limit for our quests, however the LEGO quest may be easier and more fun for some our younger patrons. We’ve also arranged for the quests to be shorter for children.

Oooo…tell me more about these prizes!
We’re proud to reward our Geek Quest participants with the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes.  Each participant will be rewarded with raffle tickets once they complete their quest, and get even more raffle tickets if they complete our bonus tasks. All costumed participants will automatically get more raffle tickets too (hint, hint).

We’ll reveal what some of the prizes are closer to the event, but trust us, they’re cool.

A few things to keep in mind

If you’re interested in participating:

  • Bring your cameras/smart phones. You’ll need them.
  • The more work you put in, the more chances you’ll get to win prizes.
  • You can participate in as many quests as you like. They are all different.
  • Adults should budget at least an hour or two of their time for each quest. It’ll take about 30 minutes for any quest that a child 12 and younger participates in.
  • Come with an open mind and thirst for adventure!

Parking and Ticketing Information

Tickets are only $5 per day/per adult in advance. To purchase your tickets and to learn more about our promotions visit our Tickets page.

Parking is absolutely free at the facility. We recommend parking at the back of the building near Entrance 4.