Here’s some information about our friends at Parlugment.

Tell us a bit about your community group
We are a group of adult LEGO enthusiasts located in Canada’s capital region: Ottawa, Ontario and the surrounding area. We share a passion for discussing, building and collecting as they relate to the LEGO construction toy.

Our individual building interests span a wide range of themes – town, train, space, robotics, sculpture and architecture to name a few. Check out the galleries and websites of our members to see some of the wonderful things that we have created.

As a group we participate regularly in train, toy and hobby shows and the occasional display at other venues.

Tell us something fun about your group
Everything is awesome!

How can people join or learn more about you? 
Anyone is welcome to join, it’s a laid back friendly group, with a common love of LEGO. They can find us online on our website and on Facebook.