We’re proud to announce that our charitable giving for our spring 2017 event will be to provide $750 to some amazing volunteer-based community groups that give back to the community in such significant ways.

These groups selflessly fundraise for amazing charities, provide hours of entertainment at the Geek Market and other local events, and volunteer their own time and money to create some of the best geeky ambiance the region has to offer. We’re encouraging each group to use the money we’re donating to help cover some of the operational costs associated with running their booths at our event such as banners, printing, graphic design, etc. since they’ve been paying for these items out of their own pockets.

It is our honour to be supporting the following organizations (be sure to click on their name to either bring you to a short bio about their group or to link to their website):

Be sure to stop by their booths at our event and give them a high five for all their hard work!

Note: The Capital City Garrison and Rebel Legion will not have booths at the event, however they will be on site over the weekend for photos.