Looking for some amazing items at discounted rates? Want to help support our arts scholarship? Then be sure to check out the Geek Market Bazaar!

What’s the Geek Market Bazaar?
If you’ve been to our event before, you’ve probably seen our silent auction…the booth where we auction off items in support of either the charity we’re been supporting or the arts scholarship program that we now run. Well, we’re changing this up a bit time and instead of you waiting to see if you’re the highest bidder on a cool geeky item, you can just go ahead and buy it right then and there!

All of the money raised at the booth will go directly into our arts scholarship fund. That means 100% of the purchase price of every Bazaar item will actually help fund a local geeky artist’s tuition.

Do you have an item you’d like to donate?
We’re always happy to receive donations of new or gently used items to sell. If you’d like to donate an item, please contact Stacey at ottawa@geekmarket.ca.