[:en]Do you enjoy playing scavenger hunts? Do you enjoy meeting new people in a fast-paced environment? Well then here’s your chance to shine! This position is well suited for geeks who are more extroverted in nature and who have fun working with the public. To learn more about this cool activity, check out our Geek Quest page here.

Roles and Responsibilities

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the Geek Quest Manager with set-up of the booth.
  • Answering general inquiries about the Geek Quest.
  • Proving instructions to participants about the Geek Quest.
  • Ensuring all prizes are properly displayed.
  • Ensuring the booth is kept tidy and organized.
  • Distributing participant cards, etc.


Applicants must:

  • Enjoy working with the public.
  • Have experience in sales and/or merchandising.
  • Have excellent communication skills.

Preference will be given to bilingual applicants.

Other Information

Shifts are available:

  • Friday September 29th between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm (for set up)
  • Saturday September 30th between 8:45 am and 6:15 pm
  • Sunday October 1st between 9:15 am and 6:00 pm

Rôles et responsabilités

Les tâches comprennent, mais ne sont pas limités à :

  • Aider le responsable de l’aventure geek à monter le kiosque.
  • S’assurer que les prix sont bien affichés
  • S’assurer que le kiosque soit propre et organisé.
  • Répondre aux questions générales sur l’Aventure Geek et expliquer les instructions aux participants.
  • Distribuer les cartes de participation, etc.


Les candidats doivent :

  • Aimer travailler avec le public
  • Avoir de l’expérience en vente ou en marchandisage
  • Avoir d’excellentes compétences en communication.

La préférence sera accordée aux candidats bilingues.[:]