If being dropped off at the facility, we encourage patrons with accessibility requirements to be dropped off in front of Entrance 4.

The main event will be taking place in the Curling Rink, one level down from Entrance 4. The board gaming and video gaming room will be taking place in the Capones Ballroom, one level up from Entrance 4.

When you come in through Entrance 4 there is a glass door on the right with a sign to the elevator. Please go through that door and take the elevator, down one level to register at our admissions desk. When you get out those doors, turn left then right again at the hallway. You’ll only be about 20 feet away from our main entrance.

We’re happy to offer anyone with accessibility issues front-of-the-line access, so you won’t have to wait to get in. If you have an invisible disability, please let our staff know how we can best assist you.

There are accessible washrooms on the same level as the event (just down the hallway), as well as an accessible restaurant attached to the Curling Rink called Spectators Bar and Grill. There is also an accessible washroom near the entrance to the Capones Ballroom on the upper level.

Should you have any questions about accessibility concerns, please feel free to contact us at ottawa@geekmarket.ca.