Want to really get your geek on at our event? Then come in your favourite costume! Not only does it make the experience more fun, you could win some cool prizes!

Not interested in cosplaying yourself, but love seeing others dressed up? Here’s a list of some of our special costumed guests over the weekend.

Workmanship/Craftsmanship Costume Contest

After the resounding success of this activity at our last event, we’ll bringing back the “workmanship competition”! At this competition contestants will be evaluated on the craftsmanship of their costumes without needing to go on stage. To learn all about it, be sure to visit our Workmanship Costume Contest page, and remember to register as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the contest!

Cosplay Lounge (Saturday only)

We’re happy to offer our cosplayers a room to sit back and relax (and not worry about photos being taken). Our cosplay lounge can be found across the hallway from the admissions desk (there will be signs, don’t worry) on Saturday only (sadly the room wasn’t available on Sunday). Please note you that you must already have your admissions pass to be able to access this room.

Cosplay Change Room & Important Information

Please note that the washrooms by the Capones ballroom have been reserved as our change rooms for the event. They can be found by going up the stairs to Entrance 4 and going straight. We’ll also have plenty of signs up to help you find them. Cosplayers who already have their admission passes can also change in our cosplay lounge.

Before coming to the event, please make sure that you are aware of our weapons and props rules and guidelines.

We will have a paid coat check at the event. 100% of the money raised will be donated to The Royal Mental Health Centre.



Northern ZERO Cosplay                                       Kilt of Doom Cosplay                           Jarrah Hodge, Jody Heffernan, Rudy Haveman
Emi Fujimoto Cosplay                                           Photo Credit: MTKS Adventures       Photo credit: Michelle Stewart Photography
Mystery Style Cosplay
Photo Credit: MTKS Adventures