Here’s some information about our friends at Steampunk Ottawa.

Tell us a bit about your community group
Steampunk Ottawa is a group of people dedicated to the promotion of everything Steampunk and to supporting the Ottawa-Gatineau area’s many artists, writers, makers and performers, encouraging creativity in a variety of endeavours.

We produce events where members of our group and others gather to enjoy a variety of activities, many in full Steampunk costume, throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau region and beyond. We attend and volunteer at community events, museums, attractions, and local businesses, helping to promote them. We also raise funds and awareness for some small local non-profit organizations.

Tell us something fun about your group
Everything about Steampunk Ottawa is fun. Fun is our raison d’être. We gather regularly in small, medium or large groups for a variety of activities: monthly picnics in various parks around Ottawa; beach days where members can show-off their old-timey bathing costumes; pub and movie nights; day trips to places like Upper Canada Village or to the Train Museum in Smith’s Falls; dance parties; costume and prop swaps and workshops; and dozens of other fun events.

How can people join or learn more about you? 
Steampunk Ottawa has a Facebook page where people can find out about upcoming events and activities they might like to attend. They may join by submitting a ‘join’ request on our Facebook page.

Photo credit: Hai Vu