Here’s some information about our friends at Ladies Who Trek.

Tell us a bit about your community group
The Ladies Who Trek are 130+ women in Ottawa who absolutely love all things Star Trek!

First and foremost, we are a place for women to meet new friends who share interests in Star Trek. Getting out for socials and parties is fun, but so is helping out the community. Here are some of the events we have participated in:

  • Ottawa Food Bank Drive
  • Fundraisers for the Ottawa Humane Society
  • Christmas gift drives for seniors
Tell us something fun about your group
We are a diverse group; young and old, new-to-Trek and “Trexperts”, we’re black, white, yellow and of course green! You wouldn’t believe how many close and meaningful friendships have come from our passion for all things Trek! We meet for socials, road trips, conventions, viewing parties and much more!
How can people join or learn more about you?