We’re pleased to be offering our patrons some amazing gaming opportunities at our event!

Board Gaming
Our friends at Game Gurus for All will be hosting a huge board gaming library where you can check out a board game and play to your hearts content.

Their team of talented game teachers will help you navigate their wide selection of family, party, strategy and euro games, and get you playing. New to gaming? No problem at all – they’ll teach you!

Is there a specific game you’d like to try? Feel free to contact them with your request, and they’ll bring it along if they can.

Best of all – the Game Gurus For All’s gaming area is free – included in your pass to the event!

Their board gaming area will be in the Capones Ballroom just above the Curling Rink.

Video Gaming

We’re bringing our video gaming section back! The video gaming area will be in the Capones Ballroom just above the Curling Rink. More details to come.

Geek Quest
The Geek Quest (scavenger hunt-style activity) is back and better than ever! If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy,  you’re going to love what we’ve come up with! And the best part? It’s free AND you can win all sorts of prizes! Be sure to visit our Geek Quest page for all the details.

Mini Escape Room
We’ve got an another fun mini escape room planned for our event and it’s ‘sci-fi vs fantasy’ themed! You can find all the details here.

Parking and Ticketing Information

Tickets are only $6 per day/per adult in advance. To purchase your tickets and to learn more about our promotions visit our Tickets page.

Parking is absolutely free at the facility. We recommend parking at the back of the building near Entrance 4.