Boy do we have a treat for you! For the first time ever, Capones Catering will be hosting a food area inside the Geek Market full of geek-themed foods and drinks!

At Capones Catina they’ll be offering:


  • Blue milk*
  • Bubble Tea – Regular or with milk*
  • Butterscotch float (aka butterbeer inspired by Harry Potter)
  • Raktajino (aka coffee)
  • Tea, Early Grey, hot
  • Water of Life (aka bottled water)

Food & Snacks

  • Bacon pancakes (inspired by Adventure Time)
  • Berty Bott’s All Flavour Beans*
  • Chocolate Frogs (inspired by Harry Potter)*
  • Geek themed cookies & cupcakes
  • Lemon cake (inspired by Game of Thrones)
  • Lembas bread (inspired by Lord of the Rings)
  • Star Wars rebel cookies

*All items marked with a star are gluten free.