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Ottawa Comic Con 2012 marks ÁLI’s first foray into the Cosplay world and completes the circle that makes up the UniverseofÁLI. An International Recording and Performing Artist she combines her fantasy Original and Cosplay costumes with her music, as she did for her alter ego RIA, in the COCOON Music Video. Her rebellion in music crosses over into her costumes with a disregard for pattern-making and an obsessive drive to challenge herself with every costume. Her Youtube channel is the place to see videos of her singing in Quenya as Galadriel and in German as Valkyrie at various Masquerades, as well as her first Cosplay Music Video as Katniss singing Coldplay’s Atlas. She has covered Geek Inked Magazine and most recently was a reporter for Share My Cosplay at Fan Expo. This Fall she will venture to International conventions in NYC and the UK, excited to meet new Geeks and Cosplayers alike!

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